Who are we deceiving?

#stopRampal #saveSundarban
Today was the day where a #hartal took place for the first time in History for #green. You heard about #RampalMovement, right? Okay, let me give you an intro. Bangladesh Govt. is somewhat adamant to build a coal-based power plant in Rampal. Why has it been an issue for Hartal? Inasmuch as it’s only 14 kilometers away from #Sundarban, it turned into an threat to natural diversities of the largest mangrove forest of the World. Okay, first of all, why are we in the goddamned world against this project?

  1.  Why #ProjectRampal isn’t a good idea
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment of Coal-based Thermal Power Plant of Rampal

Now, Govt. has something to say obviously. It’s their advertisement published in every major daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Is this a lie? Politically its #alternativefact (Trump would’ve been proud). Then protesters should have something to say too, right? Here it is.

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